We are CIGen. It’s short for Collective Intelligence Generation.

Our mission is to help innovators change the world by building great products with great teams. That’s why we partner with both startups and experienced enterprises to help them achieve their business goals through the use of modern technology.

In CIGen, we believe that the real success is only possible with the right people and the right culture. A mixture of result orientation, lean culture, emotional intelligence and a strong technical competence coming from years of mutual work. That is what makes our teams work in synergy and get amazing results for our clients.


CIGen’s story begins back in 2005, when a small software development agency called Neadevis was founded.

It's been a while since then. Within that time the business grew to 100+ people and went through a transformation and rebranding. During all these years the company never gave up providing IT consulting and software development services. It led to dozens of successfully delivered and launched mobile, web, and desktop applications - from small to enterprise-scale.

CIGen was born at the beginning of 2019 as a combination of a huge professional experience and a great desire to change the world by doing what we can do better than others.

For CIGen team, we’ve hand-picked people with the right “product” mindset, who are business, result and value-oriented. Because, who cares that you deliver a product in time and within a budget, if it doesn’t provide any value, or if nobody uses it, if users don’t like it or simply don’t want to pay for it?

Also, we’ve reworked and tested all our processes to make them the most effective in a fast-paced modern world.