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Why Xamarin?

Want to speed up the development of your mobile app and reduce its cost?

Choosing between cross-platform mobile frameworks?

Learn about Xamarin, its benefits, and why it has been and will remain
our main mobile development tool of choice for years.

Xamarin is an open source platform for building modern & high-performing iOS and Android apps with C# and .NET.

It was created in 2011 and acquired by Microsoft in 2016.

Xamarin allows engineers to share about 90% of code across platforms.

It also supports building apps for wearables, such as Wear OS (Google) & watchOS (Apple) devices. Additionally, developers can use Xamarin.Mac to build applications for Mac OS.

Mobile apps can be built in two ways using Xamarin. The main approach is to use Xamarin.iOS and Xamarin.Android.

It allows building native iOS and Android apps that have native UI and performance, along with access to 100% of built-in device features.

There is also a second one which is using Xamarin.Forms. It is the best solution for building apps where code sharing is more important than custom UI.

With it, engineers create a single interface which is shared across platforms without designing for each platform individually.

Xamarin Native
is best for:

  • Apps that require specialized interaction
  • Apps with highly polished design
  • Apps that use many platform-specific APIs
  • Apps where custom UI is more important than code sharing

is best for:

  • Data entry apps
  • Prototypes and proofs-of-concept
  • Apps that require little platform-specific functionality
  • Apps where code sharing is more important than custom UI

Reasons to choose Xamarin for mobile development


Higher speed of development

In comparison with native apps development for each platform separately

Savings icon

Lower maintenance

Compared to support of two separate code bases for iOS and Android

Mobile performance

Near-native performance

Unlike majority of other frameworks for cross-platform development

Augmented reality

Complete access to the mobile device-specific features

Unlike the case with PWAs

Native UI

Native UI/UX

Unlike Progressive Web Apps and Flutter development


In comparison with any other framework for cross-platform development

Success Stories

Many big-name companies used Xamarin to build their mobile applications.
Here are just a few of them:

Siemens logo

Siemens helps bring ideas to life with mobile sketchpads

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Coca-Cola logo

Coca-Cola Bottling Co. Consolidated drives sales with dynamic sales proposals

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BBVA logo

BBVA helps customers find properties for rent or sale with Augmented Reality, 2D heat map features, and more

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UPS logo

UPS paves the way for better service with faster development and artificial intelligence

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Reasons to choose CIGen for Xamarin development

Achievement icon

We have been working with Xamarin since its inception in 2011 and have built dozens of mobile apps of all sizes and purposes since then.

Xamarin Certificate

All our mobile developers have successfully passed exams and obtained Xamarin Certificates.

Microsoft Silver Partner

As Microsoft Silver Partner, we have solid expertise in .NET, since it has been our main specialization for 15 years.

Our clients say

  • Andreas Mildner photo

    Andreas Mildner

    Co-Founder and Manager, GenieME

    "Working with the CIGen team is a rewarding and satisfying experience. Professionally, they are smart experts committed to understand your needs and bring to life what you are looking for. Personally, they are warm and welcoming people. I am looking forward to working again with the CIGen team."

  • Andreea Spaima photo

    Andreea Spaima

    CFO, evolvT

    "The team at CIGen has been supportive of our project targets from day one and their skillset has helped kick-off the first stage of our logistic system, the IOS app implementation stage. The agency integrated well with our developers and the communication has been effective through emails, Slack and Skype. CIGen team is customer-oriented and they created a flexible project structure to accommodate the schedule of both companies during the holiday season. We are happy to have had their support and expertise!"

  • Michael Pauli Nilsson photo

    Michael Pauli Nilsson

    Owner & Co-Founder, Kodexe

    "We have been working with CIGen for a few years. Our close cooperation brings significant value and result. They think from a business perspective, meet time-lines and budget. We have completed several projects and continue working together. Happy to recommend!"

  • Justas Beržinskas photo

    Justas Beržinskas

    Co-Founder, Kloogo

    "We are happy to share our thoughts on how professional, committed and flexible CIGen team is. Since the beginning of our collaboration, we have been treated very well. The team we have been working with is always respectful and organized. It is important to mention that listening is also one of their biggest strengths as a team, as every time we present the idea for current or future improvement we receive a number of suggestions in terms of realization. Overall, we are happy to have CIGen as our partners!"

  • Daniel Yasinskiy photo

    Daniel Yasinskiy

    CEO, Periodix

    "As our technology partner, CIGen helped us with the initial team selection and technological consulting during the MVP phase of the product. CIGen have proven themselves to be reliable, responsive and highly experienced professionals. After a few years all the team members selected together with CIGen still successfully work at Periodix. Which means - great job, which we deeply appreciate!"

  • Ursus Holdings logo

    Nandu Majeti

    CTO, Ursus Holdings

    “They don’t just write code, they think through projects to make sure they find the best solution. Because of their thorough researching processes, their deliverables consistently exceed expectations. With a transparent approach to communication and valuable feedback, the team makes sure each project runs seamlessly.”

  • Humboldt Solutions logo

    Humboldt Solutions Ltd

    "I've worked with a few software development agencies, and CIGen has been far better in terms of quality and responsiveness. On a typical business day, we have sold several hundred vehicles across four locations using the platform built by CIGen."

  • Doroga.UA logo

    Kseniya Vehetek

    Co-Founder, Doroga.UA

    "I like their creative approach, flexibility in solutions and treating my project like their own child!"

There Is No "One-Size-Fits-All" solution

There are some cases when it makes more sense to use native mobile development instead of cross-platform.

For example, if there is a need in some complicated deep integrations with native components or hardware, or in implementation of sophisticated UI design elements, animations, heavy graphics.

Sometimes businesses simply don’t plan to support more than one mobile platform.

In such situations, our developers use their knowledge and skills in native mobile development.

For Android apps they use Kotlin and for iOSSwift programming language.

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