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Harness the power of the cloud to build or migrate your infrastructure and apps effectively. CIGen renders the full spectrum of cloud migration, development, deployment, and architecture services, helping our clients line up a holistic strategy, migrate their workloads to the cloud, and innovate faster.


Trusted azure Partner

A blend of our Azure knowledge, software engineering skills, and cloud architecture expertise makes us the perfect technology partner to move any or all aspects of your enterprise to the cloud in the most efficient and cost-effective manner.

Cloud consulting, app engineering, and solution architecture are far from a full range of areas where our expertise and commitment to innovation were marked by renowned organizations:

Azure Administrator
Microsoft gold partner
Azure developer


Сloud Migration

No more shuffles for cloud migration challenges. Our certified experts will assist you with the best cloud migration strategies and approaches. We help you assess your cloud readiness, create an optimal infrastructure, devices, and databases migration roadmap that lays the foundation for greater scalability, agility, and availability.

Cloud-Native Architecture

The cloud-native architecture helps to adopt an agile as well as a modular approach to building, running, and updating software. Cloud-native systems make your architecture much stronger, flexible and easily maintainable due to dynamic scaling and automatic issue handling.

DevOps & Cloud Automation

Our DevOps services help you automate end-to-end software delivery and ensure the scalability and security of any infrastructure. By consolidating development and operations, we help organizations build transparent and fast deployment cycles. In a nutshell, we implement a powerful toolkit to automate various aspects of the software development process, including code review and deployment, continuous testing, and knowledge aggregation.

Cost Optimization

Our experts ensure your organization pays the best price for a plethora of tools used to manage your cloud environments while adopting the best right-costing techniques for instances, geo zones, and storage classes. Right-sizing will allow you to only pay for what you consume, thanks to Azure Advisor, Microsoft Cost Management, and other tools.

Security & Compliance

Azure is widely known for its high-security standards. It is often the choice of organizations responsible for protecting the most sensitive data and remaining in compliance with stringent regulations. For businesses operating in a high-sensitivity data environment, security and compliance are paramount. CIGen’s Azure services let you breathe easy, knowing your information is always protected.

Application Modernization

Our cloud experts can help you innovate across various domains and tools that align with your goals. Eager to get insights from advanced analytics? We have Databricks or Azure Synapse got your back. Want to implement AI or ML tools? Let us get you acquainted with Azure Cognitive Services. Looking for custom dashboards and in-depth metrics? PowerBI is at your service.

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Why CIGen

Better time to value

Our extended expertise allows us to ensure rapid delivery, more predictable planning, and scalability at low cost with minimum downtime.

Innovation at scale

We aim to reduce people-hours spent on routine tasks and shift resources to higher-value activities, with an efficient automated toolset at your disposal.

Complete transparency

At every stage, you always know how your spending is translating into business value as we constantly monitor and report to you on the budget, scope, performance, and expenditures.



Azure Databricks

Azure Cognitive Services

Speech to text

Text to speech


Azure Kubernetes Services

Azure Functions

Speech to text

Azure Container Registry


Azure Active Directory (AD)


Microsoft Cost Management

Computing Power

App Services

Static Web Apps

Virtual Machines

Azure Kubernetes Services

Azure Functions


API Management

Service Bus

Management & Governance

Azure Advisor

Azure Monitor

Microsoft Cost Management

Microsoft Azure portal

Traffic Manager


Azure Blob Storage

Azure Disk Storage

Database Services

Azure Cache for Redis

Azure Cosmos DB

Azure Database for PostgreSQL

Azure SQL Database

Table Storage

Management & Governance

Azure Advisor

Azure Monitor

Microsoft Cost Management

Microsoft Azure portal

Traffic Manager


App Configuration

Application Gateway

Azure Active Directory (AD)

Azure DDoS Protection

Azure Firewall

Key Vault

Advanced Analytics

Azure Databricks


Microsoft Cost Management


Application Gateway

Azure DDoS Protection

Azure DNS

Azure Firewall

Load Balancer

Content Delivery Network

Traffic Manager

Virtual Network

Web Application Firewall


API Management

Service Bus

Media & Content

Content Delivery Network

cloud journey

CIGen experts can help you get ready for the cloud transformation, as well as migrate your infrastructures to the Microsoft platform. They will carry out all pre- and post-migration activities to ensure a painless shift.

1. Prepare

  • Assessment & Evaluation. We assess needed technologies, regulatory compliance, security measures, and TCO.
  • Architecture. We tailor the architecture to your business goals and make basic testing.

2. Migrate

  • Configuration. With tools like Azure Resource Manager, we do custom infrastructure configuration and automation.
  • Data migration. We take care of migrating your data and apps to Azure, creating images and bundles, and managing licensed products.
  • Leveraging. We craft useful dashboards, set up security measures, and automate your SDLC.

3. Innovate

  • Advanced optimization. We configure your monitoring services, advocate usage optimization practices, and improve the overall system efficiency.
  • System modernization. Based on deep analytics, we select exact Azure tools to apply within your business context – whether it’s Big Data, AI, and so on – and accelerate value across your platform.

Conversation is essential

We know how poor communication blows IT budgets. Here at CIGen we listen, ask questions, and provide an accurate estimate upfront before we start working.


Faster time-to-market

Optimized costs

Innovation capabilities

Streamlined processes

Higher availability

Flexible scalability

Deploy at your own pace


This model implies that resources (like servers and storage) are owned and operated by a third-party provider and delivered over the Internet. Public cloud deployment models are often used to provide web-based email, online office applications, storage, and testing-and-development environments with near-unlimited scalability.


The private model delivers computing services through a proprietary architecture assigned exclusively to one organization. This model simplifies resource customization in order to meet specific IT requirements and is often used by organizations handling highly-sensitive data. The private cloud model gives you more control and flexibility without compromising scalability.


This solution combines either a private cloud or on-premise infrastructure with a public cloud. It allows data and apps to 'move' smoothly between these environments. Hybrid solutions are often the best choice for meeting regulatory compliances without cutting off on-premises investments or sacrificing product performance.

Our clients say

Numbers speak louder than words.. unless these are clients’ words.

Andreas Mildner photo

Andreas Mildner

Co-Founder and Manager, GenieME

"Working with the CIGen team is a rewarding and satisfying experience. Professionally, they are smart experts committed to understand your needs and bring to life what you are looking for. Personally, they are warm and welcoming people. I am looking forward to working again with the CIGen team."

Andreea Spaima photo

Andreea Spaima

CFO, evolvT

"The team at CIGen has been supportive of our project targets from day one and their skillset has helped kick-off the first stage of our logistic system, the IOS app implementation stage. The agency integrated well with our developers and the communication has been effective through emails, Slack and Skype. CIGen team is customer-oriented and they created a flexible project structure to accommodate the schedule of both companies during the holiday season. We are happy to have had their support and expertise!"

Michael Pacard-wrapper col-sm-12 col-xs-12 text-centeruli Nilsson photo

Michael Pauli Nilsson

Owner & Co-Founder, Kodexe

"We have been working with CIGen for a few years. Our close cooperation brings significant value and result. They think from a business perspective, meet time-lines and budget. We have completed several projects and continue working together. Happy to recommend!"

Justas Beržinskas photo

Justas Beržinskas

Co-Founder, Kloogo

"We are happy to share our thoughts on how professional, committed and flexible CIGen team is. Since the beginning of our collaboration, we have been treated very well. The team we have been working with is always respectful and organized. It is important to mention that listening is also one of their biggest strengths as a team, as every time we present the idea for current or future improvement we receive a number of suggestions in terms of realization. Overall, we are happy to have CIGen as our partners!"

Daniel Yasinskiy photo

Daniel Yasinskiy

CEO, Periodix

"As our technology partner, CIGen helped us with the initial team selection and technological consulting during the MVP phase of the product. CIGen have proven themselves to be reliable, responsive and highly experienced professionals. After a few years all the team members selected together with CIGen still successfully work at Periodix. Which means - great job, which we deeply appreciate!"

Ursus Holdings logo

Nandu Majeti

CTO, Ursus Holdings

“They don’t just write code, they think through projects to make sure they find the best solution. Because of their thorough researching processes, their deliverables consistently exceed expectations. With a transparent approach to communication and valuable feedback, the team makes sure each project runs seamlessly.”

Humboldt Solutions logo

Humboldt Solutions Ltd

"I've worked with a few software development agencies, and CIGen has been far better in terms of quality and responsiveness. On a typical business day, we have sold several hundred vehicles across four locations using the platform built by CIGen."

Doroga.UA logo

Kseniya Vehetek

Co-Founder, Doroga.UA

"I like their creative approach, flexibility in solutions and treating my project like their own child!"

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