Get your MVP now.

Pay when it succeeds

You have an amazing product idea but don't have a sufficient budget to pay for an MVP development?

Apply for our Exclusive Program for Innovative Early Stage Startups with Small Budgets!

We are the only software development agency offering payment by monthly installments and equity sharing options.


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We have often been approached by startup founders who want to build an MVP to attract their first users and get ready for their pitch to investors.

In most cases they seem to have everything for success: an innovative idea, passion, and even data from market research results.

But one important component is often missing - enough budget.

Despite our great desire to help such founders, we had to refuse them, again and again.

Fortunately this is no longer the case, since we’ve launched our special program for early stage startups with small budgets.

This offer is not for everyone

We must really believe that your project has a substantial chance of raising investments and becoming successful.
So, please apply only if you meet the following criteria:

Your idea is truly innovative and world-changing

You completed market research, understand your users and your business model

You have an understanding of the main features of your product

You have a budget of at least $1000 and plans for how to get more in the nearest future

Choose what suits you best

Payment by Monthly Installments

Starting from $500/mo

We estimate the cost of your MVP development based on our usual hourly rates (the same that we use for all our clients).
Then we divide the cost into a period of 6 to 12 months.

  • Your individual payment plan.
  • No additional interest or hidden fees.
  • You can pay the entire amount ahead of time without penalty.
  • Additional work (out of agreed scope) may be paid separately or included in the total amount distributed over time.

Development at Cost + Equity Sharing

Terms are discussed individually

This is a mutually beneficial partnership scenario in which we operate at the cost price of our resources, while investing our lost profit in your product. Instead of payment up-front, we get a share in your company.

  • Zero risk.
  • The lowest possible price.
    We don't set a goal to earn now, because we believe in the future success of your business project.
  • Since we are interested in your financial success - we use our vast business network to help and support you throughout your journey.

Why participate?

Faster launch and feedback from users

Minimization of expenses at the beginning, when it is most needed

Staying ahead of the competition

How it works
(step-by-step process)


Before we start development, we gather, analyze, and specify requirements. This process includes meetings and interviews with you as our client and our business analyst. We define and prioritize the objectives for the product, what needs to be accomplished, and how the product should be used. We get everything needed to give you an accurate time and cost estimate of your MVP development.

Deliverables: requirements in the form of user stories or/and wireframes, estimation document.


At this stage we design a user experience and user interface (UX/UI) of your product. In case you already have completed this – the design step may be skipped. Also at this stage we prepare a software architecture for the future product.

Deliverables: designed product in the form of a prototype or/and graphic files, software architecture diagram.


Now it’s time for coding. This stage includes front-end (web or mobile) and back-end development along with testing and quality assurance processes. When possible and necessary – we may also publish your mobile application to Google Play Market and App Store.

Deliverables: a developed MVP ready to meet its users.


Our maintenance activities include issue correction and minor enhancements.

Deliverables: bug-free software.

Guaranteed for every MVP

Fixed price

We give you a fixed quote for a scope, and stick to it.

Fast build

Most of the MVPs can be delivered in a period of 2-6 weeks

Interdisciplinary team

They look at your project from different angles.

Free support

Every MVP comes with 30 days of free support for any issues.

Feel like you don't really need this?

That's true, not every startup needs to invest thousands of dollars in software development, especially in the early stage.

There are several ways to build your Minimum Viable Product exceptionally inexpensively.

We created a PDF document with a curated list of such options, which you can download by following this link: 7 cheapest ways to build an MVP.

If technology is NOT the core component of your business idea’s success
this list may save you a lot of time, energy and money.

But if your product idea relies heavily on high-quality software – this is not an option.

In this case you have a few options to choose from:

  • Find a technical co-founder and have an MVP built by this person.

    This option seems to be the most attractive for a majority of beginner startup founders. You find someone who believes in your idea and is willing to be paid for his work by shares of the future venture. It costs you nothing and now you are a team, not a solo-entrepreneur anymore.
    But be aware of the pitfalls.
    First of all, make sure that your potential partner is qualified enough to build your MVP and reliable enough to have a business together.
    Second, be ready for the inevitable loss of time. First you will spend time searching for the right person. Then this person will take time to build an MVP. If he/she works for free, that would mean they have a full or part-time job. And either way it takes much more time for a one person to build a software than for a team.

  • Hire a freelancer (or several freelancers).

    Unless you (and your co-founders) are good in both technology and management - it can be a difficult experience. You need to make sure you know exactly what you want to have developed and how, including the technology choice and every little detail of every feature. All the project management is on you, and you are responsible for the result of your communication and developer's understanding of a task.

  • Hire your own in-house technical team.

    It’s quite risky in the early stages. You will need to pay your developers a salary on a monthly basis, regardless of your startup’s current success. Even during those periods of time when you are busy pitching investors, and your team, in fact, does nothing. For this reason, it usually makes sense to hire a team after first attracting investments.

  • Or work with a software development company (like CIGen).

    If you choose the right guys, you can be sure that you will receive a product that users will love to use, which will be of interest to investors, and will bring you financial success in the future.

The latter is indeed a very good choice and a reasonable investment in your future product’s success. But services of such professional agencies are not cheap. Even for an MVP, the cost of building a custom mobile or web application is measured in thousands of dollars.

So, to avoid dangerous compromises, you either should get some more money in your bank account, or apply for our Exclusive Program for Innovative Early Stage Startups with Small Budgets.

Who we are

We are CIGen. It’s short for Collective Intelligence Generation.

Our mission is to help innovators change the world by building great products with great teams. That’s why we partner with both startups and experienced enterprises to help them achieve their business goals through the use of modern technology.

At CIGen, we believe that the real success is only possible with the right people and the right culture. A mixture of result orientation, lean culture, emotional intelligence and a strong technical competence coming from years of mutual work. That is what makes our teams work in synergy and get amazing results for our clients.


CIGen’s story begins back in 2005, when a small software development agency called Neadevis was founded.

It's been a while since then. Within that time the business has grown to 100+ people and went through a transformation and rebranding. During all these years the company never gave up providing IT consulting and software development services. It led to dozens of successfully delivered and launched mobile, web, and desktop applications - from small to enterprise-scale.

CIGen was born at the beginning of 2019 as a combination of a huge professional experience and a great desire to change the world by doing what we can do better than others.

For CIGen team, we’ve hand-picked people with the right “product” mindset, who are business, result and value-oriented. Because, who cares that you deliver a product on time and within a budget, if it doesn’t provide any value, or if nobody uses it, if users don’t like it or simply don’t want to pay for it?

Also, we’ve reworked and tested all of our processes to make them the most effective in a fast-paced modern world.

Our clients say

  • Michael Pauli Nilsson

    Owner & Co-Founder, Kodexe

    "We have been working with CIGen for a few years. Our close cooperation brings significant value and result. They think from a business perspective, meet time-lines and budget. We have completed several projects and continue working together. Happy to recommend!"

  • Justas Beržinskas

    Co-Founder, Kloogo

    "We are happy to share our thoughts on how professional, committed and flexible CIGen team is. Since the beginning of our collaboration, we have been treated very well. The team we have been working with is always respectful and organized. It is important to mention that listening is also one of their biggest strengths as a team, as every time we present the idea for current or future improvement we receive a number of suggestions in terms of realization. Overall, we are happy to have CIGen as our partners!"

  • Daniel Yasinskiy

    CEO, Periodix

    "As our technology partner, CIGen helped us with the initial team selection and technological consulting during the MVP phase of the product. CIGen have proven themselves to be reliable, responsive and highly experienced professionals. After a few years all the team members selected together with CIGen still successfully work at Periodix. Which means - great job, which we deeply appreciate!"

  • Nandu Majeti

    CTO, Ursus Holdings

    “They don’t just write code, they think through projects to make sure they find the best solution. Because of their thorough researching processes, their deliverables consistently exceed expectations. With a transparent approach to communication and valuable feedback, the team makes sure each project runs seamlessly.”

  • Humboldt Solutions Ltd

    "I've worked with a few software development agencies, and CIGen has been far better in terms of quality and responsiveness. On a typical business day, we have sold several hundred vehicles across four locations using the platform built by CIGen."

  • Kseniya Vehetek

    Co-Founder, Doroga.UA

    "I like their creative approach, flexibility in solutions and treating my project like their own child!"